i desire carnally to poke and prod at people's innards they're defensive, en garde to a supposed foreign agent so i pick myself apart piecemeal and offer to them tokens of my being look, look, look grotesque buboes of flesh calculus of teeth long gnashed and worn shards from bones broken and rebuilt shameful treasures shared see what has made me and what has plagued me and what has been cured of me a scar on my shoulder i show that i have no answers to and others prior had no answers to unknown origins in childhood or birth or in times forgotten a code whose cipher left undiscovered or destroyed and maybe they will pull back their sleeve and a scar glistens like mine it's a different shape, sure but we can laugh about how awfully shiny they are how we've been told it's supposed to heal when we're older and so was that a lie or are we somehow young maybe now it won't seem so ugly anymore is it easier to stomach abnormalities when they come in pairs and maybe now we realise a way to peel it off revealing something soft and supple and sensible and finally we'll both have something to gorge on is it too much now to devour each other whole yet our bodies are ill-suited to digest other bodies so we go through this song and dance a ritual before the feast to be sated by a bottomless vat of personhood we choose to bleed into stew together our bits and chunks to make each other palatable i etch a manuscript of skin as my offering expecting hearts and minds and craving carrion and cartilage special thanks to this webpage . i made use of the same general style rule techniques for the tags