it's a failure of language that we can say
█ ████ ███
and still not have it feel like enough
so we compromise
with simile and metaphor
picking our poisons of prose or poetry
aligning lemmas alliteratively
wringing words with repetition and rhythm
meager means to beat the beast of meaning
it's funny the lengths we go to say
█ ███ ███
and still not feel like it means enough

if only saying it was enough
saying it over and over
saying it with enough conviction
saying it, inducing all the complexities into a few words
saying it in any way to force in all the experiences and moments and shared values and your character just everything who you are and how it always brightens up my day when i get to listen to you talk about whatever and how it's been a bit since we last hung out and sometimes that's because i'm sad but also because we get busy life just happens but also that's ok we always pick it back up and even when we don't for a while it's ok because i will always cherish this thing we have made this thing because i love you